Disciples on Tour

The knitted disciples Joanna, Chloe, Alexander and Rufus are going on tour over the Summer with the people of St Michael's church.  Pictures and words will apear here of all the places they get to.  St Paul travelled all over the place sharing the good news of Jesus and encouraging and building up the church.  These knitted disciples along with their human companions will be sending back messages of encouragement.

Joanna at Glasshampton Monastery praying with the Franciscan brothers there.  These are the words engraved in the chapel -  We praise you, we bless you, we adore you, we glorify you.

Joanna on a beach in Wales with the David family

Chloe sunbathing in France with the Williams and Gomm families

Rufus at Durham Cathedral and in the Cloisters with Ian and Elaine Riley


The Prayer in St Cuthbert's Chapel in Durham Cathedral.  Not possible to take pictures.


Almighty God, who didst call thy servant Cuthbert from keeping sheep to follow thy son and to be a shepherd of thy people, mercifully grant that we following his example and caring for those who are lost may bring them home to thy fold.  Through thy Son Jesus Christ, our Lord.  Amen.

Ben and Max take Joanna on a train journey.

Chloe at Cathedral with Anna in La Rochelle

Helen Williams said 'the prayer angel was very special'

Rufus helps serve the drinks at Spot the Difference

Rufus at Coombe Abbey with Spot the Difference

Rufus with Peter in Leamington

Chloe at Rouen Cathedral at Rouen Cathedral with Harry and Emelia


Alexander meets Pebble the Rabbit

and helps grow the Hornsby's runner beans

Rufus goes tropical

Joanna with Bethany and Maisie in Normandy.

Thanking Our Father for his many blessings.

Salome in Rome with the Peers Family

Joanna with Bethany and Maisie near Mont St Michel

Dear St Michaels
How the week has flown! Yesterday we visited Mont St Michel. It is also known as "The beacon for Christianity". If only the hundreds of people who were there yesterday were all true pilgrims walking in the steps of our Christian ancestors. But even if just a handful of those gazing in wonder at the 3 storey edifice which has been carved and chiselled into the granite rock reflect on this magnificent achievement as a product of faith, prayer and God's will then the ancient monks will have done their job.
And maybe their persistence and perseverance in the face of adversity could be a lesson to us all.

With God's Blessings
Joanna and the Bryers

P. S Here I am enjoying a ride round the lake at Ferte Mace!

Dear Gary

Rufus wants to send a quick message to his fellow disciples to say his first day of adventure has been eventful, and he is OK.

Rufus had problems at Heathrow in checking in; since he did not have a valid passport. However, after a brief consultation up high, all was resolved. He did not think much of the food in flight to Seattle, but very much appreciated the complimentary wine on the second flight to Juneau in Alaska. He is a little jet lagged, but not too bad.

Today he had his first adventure in the glaciers. A beautiful sunny day. He has sent 3 pictures, one looking up to glacier where he had a tough walk, one on a canoe where he was practising for some serious work in the next week, and one where the glazier used to end.

He will not be making contact in the next seven days, since he going on a small boat with no Wi-Fi connection.

He sends his love to his friends.


Barbara & Mark


Chloe goes to Greenbelt with the Newsome family includng Albie and Winnie


Hi, myself and my family took one of the disciples on holiday with us. Below is a letter from our holiday with her. I hope this is the right email to send it to.

To all at St Michael's,
We had a great time on holiday with Chloe. We took her to Greenbelt a Christian Arts festival in Kettering. One of the highlights was the communion service. Justin Welby did the sermon he was brilliant!

From Kate, Mike, Winnie and Albie

Rufus came back to the UK last night after a very exciting holiday in Canada. In the last week, he was quite excited to see the engineering of the Canadian Pacific Railway through the mountains. The picture shows him helping on the front of an engine. He went walking extensively along glacial rivers, and on the attached he found a crop to assist him. He did get quite cold one day, and he was very pleased to have a little gin to warm his heart. It did the job very well.

He will be back to normal on Sunday after quite an adventure.

Love Rufus

Alexander went on a trek this afternoon to find the place where St Paul was shipwrecked.
After much rock climbing we eventually found the right path and had a great view of St Pauls island.
It's awesome to stand looking at a place were the amazing apostle Paul landed in Europe.






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